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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lamac best Summer outing like mounting, Relaxing, Picnic and caving. 

Mountainous Barangay of Lamac, Pinamungahan Municipality, Cebu. 
Which is about 2 hours Van trasnportation from the city. 
It is remotely at the Western side of Cebu and about 8 Km 
from Lutopan, Toledo City. It is a 14Km travel from Poblacion, 
Pinamungahan. Own and managed by Lamac Multi-Purpose 
Cooperative (LMPC), an established Cooperative in Pinamungajan, 

Pinamungahan have 26 barangay.
 Anislag, Anopog, Binabag, Buhingtubig, Busay, Butong, Cabiangon
Camugao, Duangan, Guimbawian, Lamac, Lut-od, Mangoto, Opao
Pandacan, Poblacion, Punod, Rizal, Sacsac, Sambagon, Sibago, Tajao
Tangub, Tanibag, Tupas and Tutay.

Lamac hanger caves

hanger caves at lamac

A day visited the Sinungkulan falls at lamac pinamungahan.

 the Sinungkulan falls at lamac pinamungahan.

they have also a public comport room.

 the Sinungkulan falls at lamac pinamungahan.

 Sinungkulan falls at lamac pinamungahan.

the Sinungkulan falls at lamac pinamungahan.

Fresh cold spring water are you ready swim at lamac pinamungahan.

cold spring water sinungkulan falls

walk going to the mountain at lamac pinamungahan

aerial shoot mountain at lamac pinamungahan. 

i love this hanger cave at lamac pinamungahan

mountain, mountain.. 

what do you call this, stone stairs? at Lamac Pinamungahan.

Cottage near at Sinungkulan Falls.

Lamac has 102 caves and some of them are still unexplored. The 6 most famous caves are Pangi, Limod, Udlom, Sinungkulan, Kabyaw and Nagkawa.
Cave at Lamac Pinamungahan.


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