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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Drive to the Maxinum level!

Drive max capsule with Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Photo by Fritz John Augosto Menguito 2013

With an empty stomach, TAKE ONLY 1 (one)CAPSULE
with warm water, milk or coffee,
30 minutes before SEXual activities,
for a probable 3-day lasting
and effective consequence.
Drive Max photo by Fritz John Augosto Menguito

Drivemax Adult Herbal Capsule is an ADULT DIETARY supplement for MEN and WOMEN. Its main ingredients are TONGKAT ALI that is good for blood circulation and increases testosterone level that could help fertility and sterility.

Gingko Biloba that is good for the mental stability and blood flow to help erection and is rich in anti- oxidants that helps mental fatigue. Ginseng for a better endurance and additional strength , helps men to have strong performance since it is rich in Zinc that is a natural pain reliver and good for growth and development. Proven safe and effective.Approved by Food and Drug Administration with FR number 7486.

How take Drivemax? One capsule 30 minutes before love making with empty stomach using lukewarm water, hot coffee, hot tea or hot milk. 24 hours long lasting! Drivemax Adult Herbal Capsule for MEN and WOMEN!


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