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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Photo By Fritz John A Menguito in Lapu Lapu City Near Lapu lapu City Hall in-front Lapu Lapu City Hall of Justice.



Fire Insurance is a form of Property Insurance which protects people from the financial loss caused by Fires. If a structure including its contents is covered by fire insurance, the insurance policy will pay out in the event that the structure is damaged or destroyed by fire and/or lightning. You may also be insured against other perils upon your request. With our Fire Insurance you will have the peace of mind you never had before.
Other perils that you may want to be covered:
Typhoon and Flood
Extended Coverage
Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage
Water Damage
Bursting of Pipes
Sprinklers Leakage
Burglary and Robbery
Business Interruption


Suretyship is an agreement whereby a party called the surety guarantees the performance by another party called the principal or obligor of an obligation or undertaking in favor of a third party called the obligee.
Surety / Bonds assure that the principal will comply with the terms and conditions of the principal contract, and in the event he fails to perform such obligation, the obligee is given the right to go after the surety for financial indemnification.
Commonwealth Insurance Company undertakes to guarantee the contractual or legal obligation or undertaking of the principal in favor of another party.
Our Bond Categories:
Bidders Bonds
Performance Bonds
Surety Bonds
Heirs Bond
Fidelity Bonds
Real Estate Brokers Bond


Marine Insurance is a form of financial protection for the manufacturer or importer as well as the banks. In case the shipment is lost before it arrives, the insurance company will reimburse them for their loss. Without marine insurance, it is not economical and practical to carry on both local and overseas commerce.
Commonwealth Insurance Company protects you from risks connected with navigation, transportation or any stage in the preparation for shipment, to which a ship, cargo, freightage, profits, or other insurable interest in moveable property, may be exposed during a certain voyage, shipment, transit, or stage of preparation or for a fixed period of time.
Our Marine Insurance Categories:
Inland Marine
Marine Cargo


Commonwealth Insurance Company with its Motor Car insurance pays the assured for loss of, or damage to, the insured motor vehicle, and/or for legal monetary liabilities to other arising out of its operation.
CIC’s motor car insurance provides financial protection against:
Acts of Nature
Own damage
 Bodily Injury
Personal Accident
Property Damage

Third Party Liability


Commonwealth Insurance Company protects you against loss and / or damage in connection with construction
and / or erection works including third party liability which may arise in connection thereto.
Our Engineering Insurance Categories:
Contractors’ All Risks Insurance
Machinery Breakdown Insurance
Electronic Equipment Insurance
Erection All Risks Insurance
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Insurance
Deterioration of Stock Insurance


Our Personal Accident Insurance is designed for individuals, families or groups. Providing worldwide 24-hour, year-round protection. Developed to provide security in mind, as it guarantees full insurance benefits against Accidental Death or Loss of Life, indemnity of the full schedule of benefits for Permanent Disablement or Dismemberment arising from unexpected accident. Provides insurance benefits against Loss of Life due to Murder and Unprovoked Assault at your option.
Our Personal Accident Insurance Categories:
Standard Personal Accident Insurance
Executive Accident Insurance
Group Student Accident Insurance
Family Accident Insurance
Travel Personal Accident Insurance


Equipment / Property Floater

    Under the category of Special Risk, CIC’s Equipment / Property Floater Insurance protects your movable property against loss or damage while in various locations or in transit. The most common items covered under this policy includes construction equipment such as Bulldozers, Backhoes and other similar equipment.


Comprehensive General Liabilities (CGL)

    Commonwealth Insurance Company offers CGL policy that protects the insured against his legal liabilities in connection with his business affairs. CIC assumes the legal monetary liabilities, which the insured may incur for bodily injuries to other or for damage to their property caused by accident in connection with hazards from premises operations, elevator, independent contractor, products and contracts.
    Money, Securities & Payroll Robbery Insurance (MSPR)
    Our Money, Securities and Payroll Robbery policy is designed to provide protection to business establishment against loss of money, securities or payrolls due to robbery.
    The coverage, extending as it does to checks and other papers representing money and other property, provides valuable protection to even those institutions that keeps little or no cash on hand.

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