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Inferno - a place or region that resembles
The ironworks was an inferno of molten steel and half-naked bodies.
Mangtas, Ungo,

Lapu-Lapu City Barangay Captain Election 2013 results


is that my name? (printed so blur) - Photo Fritz John A Menguito
Election 2013

Lapu-Lapu City is a first class highly-urbanized city in the province of Cebu in the Philippines. The city occupies most of Mactan Island, a few kilometre off the main island of Cebu and also covers the area of Olango Island further to the southeast region, plus a few other islands. It is part of the Cebu Metropolitan Area which is located in Cebu City. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of about 292,530 people. -lapulapucity.gov

Lapu-Lapu City , Philippines - The Commission on Elections (Comelec) said that Barangay election 2013 results and proclamation of winners are expected within 24 hours except in big barangays.

Partial results for Barangay Captain Lapu-Lapu City

Congratulations to the Newly Elected or Re Elected Barangay Captains -
1. Agus - Jovencio Lauron
2. Babag - Epifania Augusto
3. Bankal - Mario Inot
4. Basak - Isabelito Darnayla
5. Buaya - Lauro Sorono
6. Calawisan - Edgardo Bensi
7. Canjulao - Nestor Paypa
8. Gunob - Joe Dungog
9. Ibo - Mary Jane Cahilog
10. Looc -Mateo Dungog
11. Mactan - Evaristo Dihayco JR.
12. Maribago - Joseph Pangatungan
13. Marigondon - Lucrecia Amores
14. Pajac - Jimmy Ybanez
15. Pajo - Junard Chan
16. Poblacion - JunJun Dimataga
17. Pta Engano - Lourdes Ibag
18. Pusok - Caridad Dawat
19. Suba basbas - Joselito Tibon

20. Baring - Romulo Wagwag
21. Caohagan - Abayan Ranilo
22. Caubian - Matbagon Jackson
23. Cawoy - Apa Efren
24. Panganan - Vergelio Casiao
25. Sabang - Nelson Melancholico
26. San vicente - Cyrus Eyas
27. Sta rosa - Braulio ompad
28. Talima - Dano Virgilio
29. Tingo - Johnette Amorin
30. Tungasan Triponia Abayan

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lapu-Lapu City Fiesta Schedule Activities 2013





THE ORIGINAL IMAGE OF NUESTRA SEÑORA VIRGEN DE LA REGLA venerated at the national shrine of Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Regla in opon, 
lapu-lapu city, mactan island, cebu.

The church of Our Lady of the Rule is in Opon town on the historic island of Mactan. The people first saw a picture of the Virgen de la Regla in 1735, when the first parish priest, Francisco Avalle, an Augustinian monk, showed it to them. Father Avalle was a devotee, having lived for 10 years in the Monastery of Nuestra Señora de la Regla in Chipiona, Andalucia, Spain. St. Augustine himself venerated 
this image. 

When he died in 430, his monks continued the devotion to her. 

When the Vandals invaded Africa in 433, the monks fled to Spain, taking the image with them. 

For several centuries, the Virgen de la 
Regla was venerated under several names: Virgen Libica, Virgen del Sagrario, Estrella de los Mares and La Virgen Morena, or Morenita.

Ball of fire from Heaven Centuries passed and the image had been almost forgotten until, in 
1330, the Virgin appeared to an Augustinian priest in the city of Leon, where King Ferdinand, after reconquering Spain, dedicated the Cathedral to Santa Maria de la Regla. 

The Virgin, who was carrying the Child Jesus in her arms, told the priest to go to the Sea of Cadiz and look for a cave where the image had been hidden away. 

She told the priest to get the image and place it in her church. 

She said she would guide him with celestial light. The priest did what he was told, and went on a long journey. 

One day, he rested under a tree and fell into deep slumber. 

Then he heard a sweet voice saying this was the place. 

He prayed and asked the Virgin to show him the exact spot. A ball of fire from heaven fell and struck the tree, but did not burn it. 

With the help of the people in the area, the priest dug the earth,until he found a huge rock. 

When the people lifted it, they saw the opening of a cave, and when they opened it, they saw a wooden crate, in front of which a lamp was burning. 

A church was built on the spot where the statue was found. 

There, the statue of Our Lady of the Rule had been permanently 

Pilgrims from other islands In 1735, the people of Opon chose Our Lady of the Rule to be their patroness. 

They had a big picture made and placed it on the altar. Miracles began to happen. 

Nov. 21 became Our Lady's feastday. Thousands of pilgrims from neighboring islands come to the fiesta. They also come on Nov. 27 to mark the canonical coronation anniversary. 

On Nov. 27, 1954, Archbishop Julio Rosales crowned the Virgin as highlight to the Archdiocesan Marian Congress that year. 

The novena where I got this story was dated Feb. 21, 1987, with an imprimatur by Ricardo Cardinal Vidal. It was written in 1954. 

Every Saturday, 8 a.m., a Mass is sung at the shrine of Our Lady in Opon. 

Every day the devotees may go up to the sanctuary at the back and kiss the precious relic donated in 1908 by the Apostolic delegate Monsignor Agius. 

Please, report all favors received through Our Lady of the Rule to the parish priest of Opon.

feast day - every 21st day of November. -flickr.com

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