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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The feature is simple enough – in the comments box you'll now notice a new photo icon. It's a gradual rollout, so you may not have it yet.

If you do see it, clicking on it will enable you to upload a photo to Facebook to enhance your comment. In fact, you can leave out the text altogether and just post the photo.

More Photo's for Facebook comment.
other Photo's from our referent netizen on Facbook.

Cute baby reach Facebook photo
Philippines Senator Miriam Defensor–Santiago Facebook photo comment.

Television Comedian Philippines Brad Pitt     Facebook  photo comment.

Black bird monkey head edited photo
facebook comment.


Asian young actor a screen capture on television
advertisement Facebook photo comment.
Asian Singer saying artista na ya  Facebook  photo comment.

is that you "you're awesome"
Facebook photo comment. 
Asian guy Facebook photo comment.

Rabbit smile Facebook photo comment.
Spongce  boob Facebook photo comment.

Strong! Facebook photo comment.
Animals cat and dog Facebook photo comment. 

Oponganon young lady Facebook photo comment.
Philippines Controversial actor Mr
Wellie Revillame of WoWoWe show
Facebook photo comment. 
Animal white rat and cookie Facebook photo comment. 

Choose you Facebook photo comment.

  Black man smile for one week Facebook
photo comment.

Ball eyes Chix Every where Facebook
photo comment.
Philippines Vice-President acting like guy
Facebook Photo Comment.

Pick up liner Philippines Senator Miriam Defensor
Santiago Facebook Photo Comment..

Street children post acting yummy
Facebook Photo Comment.
Visayas GMA Tv Host Bobby Nalzaro Facebook
Photo Comment.

Harry potter Facebook Photo

Asian Comedian actor Eat Bulaga Facebook Photo

tired baby Facebook Photo Comment.
Super Crying big mount Facebook Photo
Dock Traffic Facebook Photo Comment.

Asian Power exercise Facebook Photo
Kiray celis txtting Facebook Photo Comment.

MC Donald Advertisement PWD  Kamusta Crush mo
Facebook Photo Comment.

Super Head Facebook Photo Comment.
Aling Dionisia a mother of Philippines Boxer Money
Pacman Paquiao Facebook Photo Comment.

Animal Horse smiley Facebook Photo Comment. 
Manila Mayor Alfredo lim Facebook Photo Comment.
No Class Facebook Photo Comment.
Lord Patawad asian Street Rapper
Facebook Photo Comment.

More fish and celebrates Facebook Photo Comment.
AK-47 black man Facebook Photo Comment.
World Comedy king mimmies Facebook Photo Comment.

Always Ready think Positive Sexy asian girl  Facebook Photo Comment.
Davao mayor Duterte Facebook Photo Comment.
American acting Facebook Photo Comment. 

Black baby Facebook Photo Comment.
Big Guy Daddy Facebook Photo Comment.

Asian Netizen Facebook Photo Comment.
tire animal Facebook Photo Comment.

wonderful smiley Facebook Photo Comment. 
Ulam Facebook Photo Comment.

Asian Actor Piolo Pascual Facebook Photo
Halloween wow lady Facebook Photo Comment. 

Young actor Coco Martin Facebook Photo Comment.
Heavy food Biggest Bibingka in Mandaue City Cebu
Facebook Photo Comment.

Submit your Facebook Photo's for facebook comment here.
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